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St. Liborius



Chasubles for the mission…

Many women sew during the year chasubles, copes  and stoles for priests the mission. These are shown at the Liborifestival and then they they are delivered to the missionaries.


A lot of women are Saint Liborius (348-396) was the second Bishop of Le Mans. He is the patron saint of the cathedral and archdiocese of Paderborn in Germany. The year of his birth is unknown; he died in 397, reputedly on 23 July.

As for other fourth-century saints, little is known of his life. He was a Gaul, influenced by Latin culture. He is said to have been Bishop of Le Mans for 49 years. He built some churches in its neighbourhood, an indication that his missionary activity was limited to the Gaul of his time. He is said to have ordained, in the course of 96 ordinations, 217 priests and 186 deacons. Saint Martin of Tours assisted him when he was dying. He was buried in the Apostle Basilica of Le Mans, beside his predecessor, Julian, the founder of the bishopric.

Miracles are said to have to occurred at his tomb. In 835 Bishop Aldrich placed some relics of his body to an altar in the cathedral, and in the following year, on the instructions of Emperor Louis the Pious, sent the body to Bishop Badurad of Paderborn, a diocese founded in 799 by Pope Leo III and Emperor Charlemagne that had no saint of its own.

Libori is a nine-day festival in Paderborn, Germany, in honour of Saint Liborius.

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margaret hat gesagt…

I really like the long white stole.

And I am interested in early saints so thank you for telling us about St Liborius whom I hadn't heard of before.

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