Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Themes Day

Paths and Passages
Way to Paderborn library


Jilly hat gesagt…

What a pretty bridge - such beautiful cobbles. A lovely choice for today's theme.

Denton hat gesagt…

A beautiful photo. Best of all you have share a pathway, a passage into a library, and those who enter the library can take a journey through place and time.

Happy theme day

Babooshka hat gesagt…

I do like cobbles. Very pretty.

Mike hat gesagt…

Hi I just came across your blog. I remember Paderborn well from my days spent in Detmold as a young soldier in the British Army. Great photographs and I have taken the liberty to add you to my blog roll.

cieldequimper hat gesagt…

Lovely! Brings out the German in me, the one that misses Germany! Danke!

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