Montag, 25. Juni 2007

Power contributor XX - Stromkasten XX

Power contributor at Elsener Stasse. The electric supplier allowed to paint the Power contributors in the city.


Stromverteilerkasten an der Elsener Straße. Der Stromversorger unterstütze die künstlerische Bemalung der Stromverteilungskästen im Innenstadtbereich.


Marc hat gesagt…

Great idea! That way they don't have to deal with vandalism too much!

Dsole hat gesagt…

this is so beautiful and colourful! I really like it!

Curly hat gesagt…

Great picture here today. This is the second picture of a picture I've seen today!

We're "singing in the rain"

South Shields Daily Photo

Coltrane_lives hat gesagt…

Great idea. I wish it would catch on around here. It's much better than looking at a big green box.

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