Freitag, 20. April 2007

Paderborn Daily 100th post - Paderborns 100. Bild

The steeple of the "St.Liborius"-Chapel. St. Liborius is the saint of the city and the diocese of Paderborn. The peacock is the sign of St. Liborius.


Der Turm der Liborikapelle. Der Hl. Liborius ist der Schutzheilige und Patron der Stadt und des Bistums Paderborn. Der Pfau ist das Attribut des Hl. Liborius.


Michis Fotoblog hat gesagt…

OOps... I´ve seen, this is the 101st post... Sorry :-)

Mandi hat gesagt…

Time just flies doesn't it! Congratulations on reaching the 100+ mark!

Chuckeroon hat gesagt…

Saint Liborius....who is he??? Obviously someone over there knows him ;-)

Glad to see you safely passed the 100.

Michis Fotoblog hat gesagt…

Liborius of Le Mans B (RM)
Died 390. Liborius, the second or third bishop of Le Mans (348 to 390), is the patron of Paderborn, to which his relics were translated in 836 (Benedictines, Encyclopedia). In art, Saint Liborius is depicted as a bishop with a peacock. He may be carrying small stones on a book (Roeder). Liborius is invoked against colic, fever, and gallstones (Roeder).

J. Andrew Lockhart hat gesagt…

very beautiful!

edwin s hat gesagt…

100 0r 101, doesn't matter because you've hit a mark. Well done! Can't wait for the next 100 (or 99) :)

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